Sharing to build the future together.

Living through the countless diversities and inequalities of life while all looking towards the same goal, like so many stimuli to strengthen the bonds of the human family. Discovering that behind small daily gestures, our actions determine the future, and that refusing violence is a more contagious act than any virus can be.

These are some of the challenges that the SharedCode storytelling campaign offers by using a code of values ​​that, like a compass, can help rediscover, in such difficult moments as those we are experiencing, the direction towards dialogue and the desire to better understand ourselves through the identification with others.

SharedCode aims at promoting social cohesion through narratives that can help reflect on the theme of shared values ​​for a shared future. Our compass directs its needles towards the need to fight loneliness and social exclusion, towards a confrontation based on facts rather than prejudices and towards the coexistence of diversities in the name of empathy, equality, cooperation, altruism and social commitment for a more resilient and united society.

For this, participation and critical discussion with all those who want to contribute to the reflection on these issues and values ​​is necessary. Here and on our social accounts, you will find all the campaign updates, stories, images, audio and videos that will be shared to recount this journey.

So, take your compass in hand and help us reach this goal by travelling with us!


The videos have English subtitles. You can choose the subtitle language by clicking in the video settings.

[TEASER] SharedCode
Our common code, our shared values 

Friendship to no longer feel isolated

Respect for diversity to ensure
social cohesion

Go towards the other
to avoid prejudices

Music for Peace

Be at peace with yourself
to transmit your energy

Diversity in the service of solidarity

For intercultural and intergenerational
citizen participation

Conference Muhammad ﷺ
(Italian Islamic Confederation)
For a human fraternity

Be an actor in your life to flourish

Strengthening the local fabric through art, culture and the environment

Youth serving others

The critical citizen spirit as a bulwark against the rejection of the other

Associazione 21 Marzo
All united towards gender equality!

Freeing the word of young people

Associazione 21 Marzo
Diversity is not a barrier, but an opportunity

Finding your place while avoiding injustices

Preserving human beings at all costs

A quest for love to unite humanity

Intergenerational dialogue
to live together

Social inclusion as a factor
of integration

Brother Luca
The power of dialogue

SharedCode voices #1
Some of the voices that have
been part of SharedCode

Accept yourself for
accept the other

SharedCode voices #2
Some of the voices that have
been part of SharedCode

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