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The reeds under the force of the wind. A bow that bends to shoot an arrow. These are examples of flexibility and adaptability. If we talk about flexibility, the ability to adapt, the ability to face adversity, the ability to overcome problems, then the concept is resilience.

If we speak of accepting reality, of doing different things, of strengthening ourselves in times of crisis, of being able to direct our change, then the concept is resilience.

Having a positive attitude, being realistic, having a sense of humor, controlling impulses or improving our knowledge of ourselves will be key elements. But never alone. No one can grow alone. We always need others. Friends will be key. As always. Alone you go fast, but nowhere.

Think about who you admire. Why do you admire them? What have they taught you? And also think about who you help. How important is it for you to help? Only we are capable of directing our change. Only we are capable of finding opportunity in adversity. Stop worrying and get busy.

There are no failures, only alternatives that do not work.

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