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Society is the result of the community we grow in. It is the combination of people making an incredible melting pot of characters, particularities and specialities. As part of a whole, each of us is called to contribute to the safeguard and the improvement of this community. This is why it is so important to respect it, to respect the environment it is inserted in, and to respect your own neighborhoods and the facilities available. If you give something to society, it will give something back. It is all about reaching this balance between giving and receiving, for which each of us is called to contribute. 

It is all about looking for others, caring for others, being present for others. It is all about building an incredible mechanism of altruism, which in the end will make us receive much more than what we are giving. This is the strange effect of altruism: you end up receiving more at a personal level, than what you are giving on a matherial one. 

We often hear sentences like: “Why should I respect my neighbors if  they don’t respect me first?” Well, we might answer by reminding ourselves that life is like a mirror: it smiles at you if you smile first. Somebody wise once said: “If you can’t find any kind person, be that kind person”. Nobody holds you back from becoming a better version of yourself. It is all about starting with the right aptitude. Therefore, if you find something that makes you feel uncomfortable in your community, you can be the one making the first step by reacting differently. You can be the one starting to give part of your attention to your community and your society, and you can be the one who will start to make a difference.

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