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The dictionary defines “prejudice” as a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. What results from this definition, is that prejudice is nothing but a product of our mind. We perceive the world around us on the norms of prejudices that we have most probably inherited from the family, the community and the society we live in. What happens when  prejudice wins over reality? We lose an occasion. An incredible occasion. We lose the possibility to go beyond ourselves and to encounter new chances and point of views. We might even lose the chance to make new friends or acquaintances.Or perhaps we will never taste that delicious dish from a different culture, or that incredible drink from the other.  

In a few words: when we let prejudices win we just put ourselves in the condition of missing chances. Is it worth it? Is this what you really want?

Let’s be frank, eradicating prejudice is not an easy task. It takes time, effort and commitment. There may even be occasions in which we won’t easily recognize a prejudice working inside of us. And it’s not our fault, it just means that it is so rooted in our preconception that it will take more effort than the regular to unmask it. And yet, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. 

We have the power and the intelligence to make a step towards the other and to win this battle.

We can stop prejudices and start looking for facts!

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