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When somebody tells you “You know, you look different from the others”, don’t you feel special? That’s the kind of feeling that each of you should always experience in life. The sensation of being unique and irreplaceable. When we are being told that we are different we never directly link this message to awkwardness or embarrassment, because we know that whoever told that to us meant it good.

So why are we so afraid of showing our differences? Why are we so afraid of each other’s differences?  This is a common and natural mechanism: new things scare us. It’s not about you, reading this article, but of the entire human genre.

Novelty is always scary.

But shall we make a bet? When we find ourselves overcoming this obstacle, this natural and unconscious obstacle, we don’t simply jump: WE FLY!

Just think how you could be that person making the bet, how surprising all the incredible things deriving from it could be! And you could become a leading example for others, starting a beautiful chain of people ready to bet on beauty.

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