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Good treatment is promoting, denouncing, welcoming, loving, respecting, and participating. Good treatment is possible through the recognition of dignity, empathy, dialogue, or interaction between equals. Zineb tells us that, for her, respect as well as mutual help and empathy are key values. Good treatment is based on respect for others, recognition as people, as human beings, in a way that allows us to visualise all the positive sides and points of view of the other. Recognition as the need to be accepted in individuality, as different and special beings who have rights. Respect helps reinforce self-image and self-esteem. For this reason, it is essential to recognise and accept the other without expecting perfection. We see ourselves in the other person’s values and strengths. But we also see strengths and weaknesses in ourselves.

Empathy is built on self-awareness. The more willing we are to recognise and express our own feelings, the more easily we can accept and acknowledge the feelings of others.

The ability to know what other people are feeling is very important in many situations in life. People’s emotions are not always expressed with words.

Helping each other is considered as the two-way relationship that allows people to see and recognise each other. This interaction allows you to meet others and respond appropriately to their feelings and concerns. It is what allows us to work with others, establish teams, collaborate towards the achievement of common goals, establish ties of affection and friendship, and what makes it possible to interpret emotions from people’s expressions and gestures. What better than a deal for good treatment.

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