• 3 years ago
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We all know basic human rights, right? We were all born free, we all have the right to life, the right to think freely, the right to an education…but do we really take them into account?

Equality is the basis of a good coexistence. However, discrimination is present every day, and that generates inequalities. It is our duty to change this! It is our duty to accept everyone’s differences and turn them into skills! We, and you, make the difference. We claim our rights, but do we respect those of others? How easy it is to convince ourselves that it is not necessary to do anything, that someone else will act. Honestly, how many times would we act, on a daily basis, but we never do? Society at large needs all of us to act. Everything we do matters; everything you do matters. Of course, it is easier to start with small things. Help take care of the environment, dare to defend someone else, fight for women’s equality everywhere…

Help others when they need it. Respect others. Fight against discrimination. It is our duty, together.

So, will you get involved?

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