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Difference is beautiful. Our differences allow us to learn from each other, discovering new and incredible facts or curiosities. They design our unicity, our amazing uniqueness. Difference is the added value that gathers people all over the world and allows them to enrich their personal background in unpredictable modalities. Differences help us live a fulfilling life, with the certainty of having new things to discover every day, new adventures to seize and new people to meet. It’s what makes our life spicy, feeding the inner child hidden inside each of us. Difference is never an obstacle, while rather an opportunity. 

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation”, Ghandi once said. The deep meaning of this sentence is revisable in the importance given to the word “diversity”. What is clear from those simple words is that unity is nothing but the addendum of many differences and diversities. It is not about repressing them, quite the opposite. It is about making them flourish like a beautiful flower in the early Spring: it will blossom in a field together with many other flowers, each one of them with its peculiarity and uniqueness, forming together an astonishing field. This is exactly what differences are to us. This is exactly the scent of unity.

Sometimes differences scare us. It can happen, and it is completely normal. It does not make us horrible human beings, because being cautious is part of our inner instinct. And that is where our intelligence and our intellect come into play. There is where our most sincere curiosity inspires in us the desire to know more and to overcome that initial fear. That is the moment in which we understand that what we first thought was fear was actually just scepticism and was easily surpassed. 

In your experience, what is the most beautiful difference that you have been able to meet?

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