• 3 years ago
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Have you ever played a team sport? Many of us, during our childhood, have played football, basketball or volleyball, at least once. In these games, the most important focus is on teamwork, rather than on every single player. It is the group that leads to victory and it is in the presence and collaboration of each other that all the members find enjoyment and happiness. It wouldn’t be the same without even one single player, each and every component of the team is fundamental and irreplaceable.

But why is it so obvious for games, and not for everyday life?

It often happens that in different situations such as at work, in our family, in our community, we tend to forget how important and unreplaceable each of us is. We might tend to take people or what they do for granted, or to forget how each action we produce is part of a bigger mechanism that helps us all to fulfill our tasks or duties.

Sometimes, it would be ideal just to stop for a while, realise who are the people evolving around us, in all the different aspects of our life, be grateful for them and the great cooperation we have established with them. We might even start thinking how to improve that kind of cooperation, and to realise how priceless it is for us. We may also understand that everything we are able to do is because of other people. The idea of being self-reliant and of not needing the help of anybody is just an overstructure that has been built up in our contemporary society, but that is found to be wrong through human experience. Human beings are made to be together, to help and sustain each other. Each of us is pivotal for someone else, and this is just magnificent.

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